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Mohamed Ahmed

Semester I, 2015 - Tuesdays, 7:30pm, 15 weeks (Starts 1st June)
Semester II, 2015 - Tuesdays, 7:30pm, 12 weeks (Starts 21st September)

This course will encompass the core accounting fundamental principles, which will include balance sheets, general ledgers, financial ratios, accounting terms and more. This course will also help you in becoming more fluent in grasping financial mechanisms and their inner workings.

By the end of the course, you will be able to work with financial statements and improve your ability to make financial decisions.

Themes: What is Accounting? Decision Making. Delivery of Information. Accumulation and Organisation of Information. Adjustment. Trust in Financial Statements. Receivables. Inventory. Cost Flow Assumption. Property and Equipment. Intangible Assets. Equity Investments. Current andContingent Liabilities. Non-Current Liabilities. Shareholder Equity. Cash Flows.

Mohamed Ahmed is a fund performance analyst for a major bank, and has provided private equity investment analysis on various sectors across Australia, Europe, the Americas, the Far East and the MENA region.

*Comparison based on per-lesson equivalent price of studying at CAE Melbourne, based on prices as listed on February 4, 2015. Course lengths may vary between providers.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Refunds. Refunds are NOT issued except where a course is cancelled by the WEA. WEA Victoria cannot accept responsibility for changes in personal circumstances. Enrolment acceptance and cancellation. You are accepted into the course upon payment in full, unless notified by us. Courses are dependent on sufficient enrolments, tutor availability and other circumstances outside our control, which may cause some courses to be postponed or cancelled. Course materials. Personal course material is the responsibility of the individual student. An additional charge will be made for photocopied notes, textbooks or any other course materials.

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