Computer Programming

Dr Rajib Chakravorty
North Fitzroy

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Trimester II - Wednesdays, 6pm, 15 weeks (Starts first week of June)
Trimester III -
Wednesdays, 6pm, 15 weeks (Starts fourth week of September)

This courses focuses on introducing programming a computer. Computers are an assembly of hardware components with power to do amazing things. But all these power stays idle until the hardware is programmed to perform interesting task. Modern computing machines have gone beyond simple word processing and calculation and are solving complex problems, taking critical decisions and even making predictions about the future.

This course describes the very basic processes of building a programme to solve any specific tasks. Important concepts such as variables, operators, data structures, flow controls, loops, functions etc. will be introduced. Skills learnt are related to practical workplace tasks and specific career paths.

Languages covered: BBC BASIC (Semester I), Python (Semester II).

Themes: One Line Programs. Using the Editor. Storing Data in Variables. Numeric Data Types. String Data Types. Coloured Text. Interacting with the User. Conditional Execution. Selection. Looping. Other Ways of Entering Information. Grouping Data in Arrays. Grouping Data in Structures. User Defined Routines: PROC. User Defined Functions: FN. User Defined Characters. Games and Sound. Developing Real Programs. Debugging.

Rajib Chakravorty is a faculty member at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Melbourne.

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Photo: CERDEC/US Army (CC-BY)

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