Dr Jiapu Zhang
Dr Zhansulu Baikenova

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Trimester I - Thursdays, 6pm, 4-15 weeks (Starts first week of June)
Trimester II - Thursdays, 6pm, 4-12 weeks (Starts fourth week of September)

'Mankind has been led to search for a mathematical description of the properties of the universe, because in this way only can a general idea of the course of events be formed, freed from reference to particular persons or to particular types of sensation.

For example, it might be asked at dinner: “What was it which underlay my sensation of sight, yours of touch, and his of taste and smell?" the answer being “an apple." But in its final analysis, science seeks to describe an apple in terms of the positions and motions of molecules, a description which ignores me and you and him, and also ignores sight and touch and taste and smell. Thus mathematical ideas, because they are abstract, supply just what is wanted for a scientific description of the course of events.' — A. N. Whitehead

This course, based on classic texts by A. N. Whitehead, G. H. Hardy and others, provides a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of calculus and algebra.

Individual help with exam preparation (VCE, undergraduate, aptitude tests, etc.) and other external assessments provided.

Jiapu Zhang is a researcher at Federation University (Ballarat). He has held research and teaching posts at various other major institutions, including the University of Melbourne and CSIRO.

Zhansulu Baikenova teaches economics at Deakin University, and is a past senior lecturer at the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research.

*Comparison based on per-lesson equivalent price of studying at Kip McGrath, based on prices as advised on February 4, 2015. Course lengths may vary between providers.

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