Social studies - The ideas of Karl Marx, in context

Chris Gaffney

Trimester II - Mondays, 6pm, 13 weeks (Starts first week of June)
Trimester III - Mondays, 6pm, 11 weeks (Starts fourth week of September)

In association with the Victorian Labor College

Ongoing economic bubbles and slumps, job “offshoring", cuts to wages and government services, rising military tensions... was Marx right after all? Despite his ideas being derided by the rich and powerful, public interest in Marx's writings have been rediscovered since the Global Financial Crisis. These ideas now influence burgeoning political movements in countries as diverse as Greece, Spain, Venezuela, South Africa and Nepal.

This course will introduce you to the Marxist way of seeing the world, placing his main theories in context with past and present world events. Discussion is encouraged, and there are no exams. The relevance of economic and social analysis to working life, and methods of applying these to specific roles and industries will be discussed.

Themes: Birth of capitalism; How capitalism works; The French revolution; The 1848 revolution; The Russian revolution; The Paris commune; Fascism; The World Wars; Bureaucracy in Russia; The origins of social-democracy; The working-class party.

Chris Gaffney has taught history and political economy for over forty years. He is a former State Election candidate for the ALP, and was an organiser on the Vietnam Moritorium Campaign. He is the current Secretary of the Victorian Labor College.

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